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Review: Cygnett Zooom Handheld Game Controller

Get back to gaming on your iPhone or iPod Touch with this fantastic grip

We’ve often found that while playing games on the iPhone and iPod touch is great fun, the size of the device is a problem when trying to tilt and press the screen at the same time. Lucky for us, Cygnett thought the same and has made a controller casing specifically for smaller iOS devices.
The case itself was surprisingly sturdy, but somehow also quite light, meaning the combined load of the controller and our iPhone made the perfect weight for a game controller. We had quite a problem getting started, with the tight casing being difficult to fit together with the iPhone inside. Once it was in, though, our device was incredibly snug in the casing and we were confident that it wasn’t going to fall out, no matter how strenuous the game. There was also a clever speaker system that redirected the sound out the back of the controller to prevent it being muffled by the casing.

The controller was reminiscent of a PlayStation pad, with small grips at each side, and the whole thing was comfortable in our hands. The plastic had a pleasing matte finish with a glossy front, so our iPhone looked great in the casing.
When we came to boot up one of our driving games, we were extremely pleased with how much more natural it felt to be steering with the Zooom controller attached. The grips made it feel more solid in our hands and the whole experience was improved. Soon we realised that this would work with Kijjaa!, an app which controls a game on your desktop browser. It worked wonderfully. The accelerometer controls were brilliantly complemented by the addition of grips on the iPhone, and the two large buttons made it feel like we were playing a game on a home console.
If you’re serious about gaming with your iOS device, you’ll want to check out the Zooom controller. It added the extra level of immersion that many miss when playing iPhone games and, despite some issues with loading the iPhone into the controller, it felt incredibly well built.