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Review: CleanMyMac 3

MacPaw's all-in-one Mac utility app keeps getting better and better

Feature 1

As Mac users we’re constantly searching for a magic formula that leaves our machines working quickly and efficiently. Eventually the pressure we put on our Mac takes its toll, and then a utility app is needed to apply some TLC. CleanMyMac 2 was a must-have, so we’re delighted to see version 3 in the wild and, once again, providing an all-in-one MOT solution to keeping your Mac clean and healthy.

For those who don’t know, CleanMyMac will clean, optimise and maintain your Mac, scanning your entire system and helping you to remove gigabytes of junk in a matter of minutes. CleanMyMac 3 is no different. Upon opening the app we delved straight into the Smart Cleanup menu, which scans your system and searches for useless junk that can be safely deleted. It’s time to say goodbye to Language Files (that’ll save you a whopping 1.19GB), System Cache Files, User Log Files and much more. The scan takes a bit of time, but nothing arduous.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.08.18

CleanMyMac doesn’t delete anything at this stage; instead presenting you with everything it thinks is Ready for Safe Cleanup, displaying the total gigabyte figure you’d save. Click the Clean circle and you’ll recover that lost space instantly. On a relatively clean, 2011 iMac we saved 4.7GB. Not to be laughed at. A hefty chunk of that space was Mail Attachments, a new feature that highlights stored attachments and downloads hiding in the depths of your Mail app. iTunes Junk is another new search facility and will be perfect for anyone who stores outdated device backups and old software updates.

But CleanMyMac has much more use than simply scanning for pointless files every few months. Its Maintenance menu offers one-click solutions for repairing disk permissions, reindexing Spotlight and speeding up search in Mail, while Privacy will clean up your web browsing and Messages history. And Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the free space on your Mac and the memory being used. You’ll find a very useful Free Up RAM option here; perfect if you’re using power-hungry apps regularly.


One of our favourite apps keeps getting better. CleanMyMac 3 is the ultimate Mac utility app, packed with new features and a fresh design. Orange 5 Stars