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Review – Canon IXUS 110 IS

Can the IXUS 110 IS justify its steep pricetag? We take a look at the key features that Canon believes makes it well worth the cost

MAinAfter bombarding the new Canon IXUS 110 IS with challenging tests, the newest in the range did remarkably well. With an easy-to-use Auto mode there is no possibility of confusing this compact, as it adjusted quickly and accurately to different lighting conditions. The camera has three different focus settings of Macro, Normal and Infinity, and even in low-light conditions it still performed remarkably well. The Canon camera range has

established a well-deserved reputation, making it easy for the most inexperienced photographer to get correctly exposed and decent images. Canon compacts have advanced substantially over the years and cannot be faulted for the effortlessness with which a snapshot can be taken. And the 110 IS is no exception to this rule.
The funky design can be purchased in a range of colours and its hard outer casing makes the compact feel weighty and durable. The 110 IS accommodates a seductive curve that appeals to the contemporary look of the compact and doubles up as a guide to where the camera should be held. However, the shape of the body can be frustrating to grip, making it fiddly to hold, and after plenty of use it can leave your thumb feeling a little strained. This problem is not major and Canon can be forgiven, as the 110 IS has simple controls and large buttons, with one exception: the Power button. Unfortunately this can be annoyingly stiff and it’s a bit on the
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small side. The 110 IS has an uncomplicated layout and the navigation through the menu options has been superbly developed by Canon.
Like most other compacts, the 110 IS offers a range of other features, such as red-eye reduction and a video option. The screen proved to be viewable when used in sunlight and can be adjusted to five different levels of brightness depending on the lighting conditions. Another impressive feature is the image playback option, which includes a Slideshow mode. For the more enthusiastic amateur, Canon has included the shutter and f-stop number that appear on the screen when the shutter is half-pressed.
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The 110 IS is the perfect compact for portrait photography and indoor use. It has Face Detection technology that adjusts focus, exposure, flash settings and white balance that gives the user natural and flattering-looking skin tones. This technology cannot be faulted; however, when used outside, a few problems appear. First, the 110 IS is not ideal for fast action photography and when tested it proved to be slow off the mark. The wide-angle lens was useful for panoramic shots, but the landscape images were disappointing as they did not have the depth of field that a superzoom or DSLR can offer. This is where the price needs to be considered, as you can purchase a decent superzoom for £350.
One of the camera’s major features is the resolution, which will satisfy the most fussy of consumers. When compared to its
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predecessor, the IXUS 90 IS at £230, there is the opinion you are paying substantially more for only two more megapixels. The question is, is it really worth it? If money is no issue, the 110 IS is a fantastic compact camera for snapshot purposes that has greatly developed from its forerunner and will not disappoint. If money is a factor then there are many other compacts with the same or similar statistics that can be purchased a lot cheaper, making the Canon 110 IS unfortunately very overpriced. This does make this camera a luxury item, so the consumer will need to consider what else can be purchased for this money and, regrettably for the 110 IS, there is a great deal more available on the market.
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So, it all comes down to personal choice. If you want to buy the most expensive, easy to use and best perfoming point-and-shoot camera on the market then this is one of your options. It’s perfect for portraits and will have even the biggest technophobes snapping happily and getting good results. If you have to even consider the price then you need to look elsewhere and get the same specs for far cheaper than Canon is offering.

Price: £350

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