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Retina iPad mini announced on 10th September? The Loop says no

If you're holding out for a Retina iPad mini in September, you may be left waiting. Apple might push the pint-sized tablet's refresh into a separate October event.

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Apple won’t announce new iPads at its heavily-rumoured 10th September iPhone announcement, according to The Loop.

Referring to an earlier report from MacRumors, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple rubbished the idea of new tablets appearing at the rumoured iPhone event with his trademark, “nope.”

Dalrymple went one step further, as well, adding, “No iPads.” Dalrymple is well connected within the world of Apple and his yep/nope answers have proven to be extremely accurate in the past when it comes to the guesswork surrounding Apple events and announcements.

As one of The Loop’s readers pointed out in the comments, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber made reference to an October event for new iPads in a footnote to one of his articles.

While some have speculated that the reasoning behind an October iPad launch is due to delays with the iOS 7 beta, we’re not so sure this is the case. iOS 7 beta development rate is now on a par across both the iPhone and iPad and it’s more likely that the two different devices are big enough to warrant separate launches.

With Apple set to announce both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on 10th September, with iPads due to arrive in October, it’s looking to be a very busy quarter from the company.