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Republique Could Offer Stealthy Survival on iPhone and iPad

This Kickstarter project aims to bring high-quality gaming to your iOS device

Hope is the game's protagonist

Games are now a huge part of the iPhone and iPad revolution. However, while there have been literally tens of thousands of 69p/$0.99 games for sale in the app store, more expensive games that offer a greater amount of content and a larger game world are few and far between. Some argue that iOS devices will only ever be a place to play ‘casual’ games that can be picked up and thrown away quickly, but the newly formed Camouflaj studio disagrees.

They’re developing a game called Republique that offers a high-res, high quality gaming experience on your iPhone or iPad. The developers, who have worked on console franchises like F.E.A.R., Metal Gear Solid and Halo, have now set out to create an iOS game from scratch that rivals the console exprience. The game starts with your iPhone ‘ringing’, and a scared woman starting a video chat with you. After that you have to help the woman escape her captors, using your phone to hack into various cameras and machines to aid her in her plight.Republique

Currently, the team have an incredible Proof of Concept video, which we’ve included below, and some amazing ideas. The game looks fantastic, utilising motion-capture technology and high-quality voice acting to ensure that you get a full gaming experience. It’s backed by Logan, the team that produced and directed the console smash hit Skyrim: Elder Scrolls. However, without the help of the paying community, the game won’t see the light of day.

Republique for iOS Devices
The game will run on iPhones, iPads and iPods touch that are powerful enough to deal with the high-quality graphics

The game is currently a Kickstarter Project which you can back to help it to full production. It’s aiming high, but there’s plenty of time for it to achieve it’s funding goal. You can back it on their Kickstarter page if you like the look of the game. We think the ideas behind this game are fantastic, and we’d love to see it hit it’s goal. If you agree back them and get a copy for free when it launches.

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