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Replay Video Editor review

Edit your movies and apply video styles that fit the look you’re after

The Replay Video Editor app available on iOS devices does an amazing job of inspiring you to make
great movies. Everything from the interface and design to the available editing tools promotes creative thinking when editing together the stuff you’ve shot. Replay links directly to your Photo library so you can import any photos or videos into an edit. Once you’ve selected the clips that you want to edit together, Replay will apply a series of effects, music and filters to your sequence automatically. This is how you’ll begin working on an edit, with a selected video style (three of which come free with the app). With a video style selected, you can then modify the font type and add a filter and transition graphics to your clips. This level of control is great as it gives you a preset starting point to give your film a look that you can then adjust accordingly.

Editing in Replay is done with a thumbnail view of all of your included clips. Clips can be trimmed down and ordered as you like. Editing movies on an iOS device is never as smooth an experience as doing it on a computer, but the simplicity of Replay’s editing options keeps it from getting too frustrating. At the same time, you may struggle to splice together a perfectly cut music video using the tap and drag tool when trying to cut a clip down to an exact point.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.48.21
Replay doesn’t provide the same amount of editing tools as apps such as iMovie, but its simplicity and attention to detail when it comes to stylising video means that you can export a finished film that looks great. Replay is free to download; however, there are a series of in-app purchases that can be made, providing you with all 21 video styles and allowing you to remove the Replay logo from your finished film. The total cost for all in-app purchases is £6.99/$9.99. The removal of the watermark can be purchased individually for £1.49/$1.99 and individual video styles can be bought for £0.69/$0.99 each. The extra video styles are worth the cost, especially since you can tweak them exactly how you like. Replay doesn’t force you to pay extra just to export or share your video – that is free of charge. Finished films can be shared via social networks and stored in your Camera Roll.