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Remove screenshot delay with Xposed Framework

Use an Xposed Framework module to remove the delay from taking screenshots

Since Android 4.2 there’s been a slight delay when you take screenshots of your phone or tablet. It’s likely you haven’t noticed, but if you take a lot of screenshots, then you want to make sure you’re capturing the screen at the precise moment you tap, whatever buttons you tap to snap.

If you’ve got a rooted device with Xposed Framework installed you can cut that slight delay down to nothing by installing a new module. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to do it, and give you the links you’ll need to get the module installed. It’s a pretty simple process, but you’ll need to set a bit of time aside and make sure you’re on a Wi-Fi connection if you want to make everything run smoothly. When you’re ready, head to step one and we’ll get started.

For more in-depth tutorials, make sure to check out the new issue of Android Magazine.

  1. Xposed Screenshot 1

    Download the module

    First you’ll want to point your web browser to this link where you’ll be able to download the module you need. Make sure your device is set to allow downloads from unknown sources. If you’re given the option, you should select your browser to open the file.

  2. Xposed Screenshot 2

    Install the module

    Tap the small downward-arrow icon to the right of any file to see a new menu appear containing four options. The first three of these are quite handy and will be used often, but in this case you need to select More to bring up another set of options.

  3. Xposed Screenshot 3

    Find the module

    Head to the module list in the Xposed Framework app and scroll down until you find the one named Screenshot Delay Remover. You’ll see a check box to the right of its name. Tap that and Xposed will get the module set up and running on your device.

  4. Xposed Screenshot 4

    Reboot your device

    Now you’ll need to reboot your phone or tablet so that Xposed can make the necessary changes to your device. It shouldn’t take too long, and once the reboot is finished you should notice that there’s no gap between tapping to take a screenshot and the screenshot being taken.

  5. Xposed Screenshot 5

    Check out your snap

    Take a few screenshots to make sure everything’s working as it should be. It might take a little getting used to, but you should notice a much quicker response to your snapping. When you’re happy, head back to the Xposed Framework app for some tinkering.

  6. Xposed Screenshot 6

    Have a long press

    When you’re back in the Xposed Framework app, long press on the Screenshot Delay Remover module to bring up some options. You can uninstall the module from here. The most important is the support one, which takes you to a Reddit thread with some troubleshooting hints.