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Remove blemishes with Pixelmator

Use Pixelmator’s multi-purpose Repair brush to get rid of unwanted elements

It’s happened to us all despite our best efforts. You think you’ve taken the perfect picture, only to notice a stray pigeon in the shot or dust on your lens. It’s mightily frustrating, but there is a way to fix it, and thanks to Pixelmator’s superb set of editing tools, it’s much easier than you might imagine. From the Retouch menu, you’ll select the Repair tool, which works to remove blemishes and unwanted artefacts by blending the stray pixels into the destination area.

Pixelmator enables you to increase and decrease the size of the brush, but advanced control like opacity settings are not present. Don’t let this put you off though, Pixelmator for iPad is supremely powerful and represents your best bet for blemish-free images. Here’s how it’s done in six straightforward steps.


1 Select image

With Pixelmator open, head to the plus sign in the top-left corner and select an image that has been ruined by a blemish or stray object from the long list of available sources.


2 Retouch

Pixelmator offers a grand selection of editing tools that live under the Tools menu. You can see some highlights in the boxout on the opposite page, but we want to select Retouch.


3 Repair tool

Select the Repair tool in the top-left. This tool will let you remove unwanted objects. When you select the tool, your image will load up on the screen ready to be tweaked.


4 Select brush size

You’ll need an appropriate brush size. If you’re removing large objects, a larger brush makes sense, but most edits will use smaller ones. Set the size precisely with the percentage slider.


5 Remove blemishes

Zoom in on your image with your thumb and finger to make blemishes easier to see, then brush over the troublesome area and watch it blend seamlessly into the background.


6 Remove objects and admire

It works just as well when removing large objects like birds. Brush over the object as before and wait for the edit to process. Admire your work and hit Done in the top-right.