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Record Sky TV from your iPhone, a real Plus

Have you seen No Country For Old Men? Neither had we until we set it to record this evening on Sky (for the non-UK folk, that’s satellite TV). Now there’s nothing new about recording TV shows, but the method we used was quite unique…

You see, BSkyB has released its Sky + application for iPhone after a successful run on other mobile platforms and an SMS service. Of course, the iPhone version is a joy to use by comparison and puts you in complete control of your recordings wherever you are. Simply scroll through the channels and programs as you would when in front of your TV and pick the show you want. View a synopsis and hit the record button, that’s all there is to it.

It’s clear that this a largely ported version of the application rather than a dedicated iPhone app, with much of the finesse we’re used to overlooked, but in terms of functionality you can’t beat it.

Setup is fairly simple, although you do need to create an account at as well as set up the service on your box which can take a bit of time. Once this is complete, however, you’ll be off and running. Another vague annoyance is a limit of 30 minutes pre-show to set the recording, ruling out any last minute attempts to remotely record your favourite show.


The interface is clean and familiar if you use Sky + regularly and can be viewed by category as well as specific days. A landscape view would work far better than the default portrait offering here but the ability to swipe across the schedule makes things simple enough to navigate.

The built-in search seems a bit weak at the moment, only allowing you to locate shows within your current category or day and seems utterly resolved never to find Friends, a show ironically omnipresent across Sky’s entertainment channels.

For a first effort, Sky + is a good app that provides a remarkably useful service. We hope that after some feedback and continued testing, a few of the teething problems will be cleaned up and perhaps a few more features added but, for now, this free application is well worth a download for all Sky + users with an iPhone.

Find out more at or download from the App Store here