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Record a podcast on your iPad

Make a short radio show and then share it with the world on your iPad

Podcasts are arguably not as big as they once were, but there is still a demand for well-produced, informative ones. You can make one on the go with GarageBand for iPad and iPhone – all you need is a USB microphone, which can be connected with the Camera Connection Kit, access to the internet and an iOS device. Even if you don’t have a standalone mic, the Apple EarPods that come with the iPhone will work if you’re recording a solo podcast.

When you’re finished recording the audio for your podcast, you can use GarageBand to edit it and add effects to it in post-production. To give your recording an even more professional feel, you can use the software’s vast library of royalty-free loops to add beds or jingles.


1 Get set up

Select the Audio Recorder, and set the tempo to 40BPM to allow for the longest recording time
– around 30 minutes. Add a Noise Gate too by tapping the jack icon in the top-left.


2 Record a theme and jingles

As you’re recording at 40 beats per minute, you’re likely going to have to create a theme tune and jingles in a separate project and then import them through Loops>Audio Files.


3 Connect your kit

Plug your mic into a Camera Connection Kit or put EarPods into the headphone socket. Try a test recording to check your sound levels. Adjust the volume as necessary.


4 Record your content

Turn the metronome off, then tap the + icon in the top-right and select Automatic. Now tap the Record button and speak clearly into the microphone to record your podcast.


5 Tidying and editing

You don’t want dead air on your recording, so make sure you cut out any such segments. Move the playhead to the area you want to cut, double-tap it and select Split at both ends.


6 Share your show

When done, tap My Songs and then share your project to SoundCloud. Before sharing, make sure you Allow Downloads and make sure it’s Medium Quality or lower for a smaller file size.