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RAGE: Campaign Edition for Mac Review

Our full review of RAGE: Campaign Edition for Mac - can this futuristic first-person shooter tear you away from Borderlands 2?

Price: £20.99/$29.99

Available from… • Mac App Store

Minimum specifications: • 2.4GHz processor • 4GB RAM with 256MB VRAM • 25GB hard drive space

The Mac has seen a number of big games recently, with the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises releasing their latest titles. Now we’re graced with another huge console title: RAGE: Campaign Edition, from the legendary id Software (which is the developer that made Doom and Quake).

The game is set in 2029; before a huge asteroid hits the Earth you and other outstanding individuals are put into an ‘Ark’ stasis chamber to survive the impact. When you awake a century later and step out into the world, however, it’s clear that humanity (at least in some form) survived without your help. Now you must do the same, killing mutants and bandits in the Wasteland, while avoiding The Authority.

Gunplay is the main focus of the game

Gunplay and upgrades are the main focus, and as you play you’ll need to hunt for extra ammo and supplies to stay well armed. There’s plenty of variation, with everything from crossbows to rocket launchers available. Guns are suitably futuristic, but like the towns you’ll visit, have a strong hint of the wild west about them. Building upgrades is important, and adds a surprisingly good role-playing element.

This is fitting, as the game’s world is far removed from the dark corridors of id’s Doom and Wolfenstein. These tight, nervy sections still feature, but the main world is a dry, bright desert terrain. You’ll get a vehicle early on, and this will be your main means of transport – and protection – as you travel. Decking out your buggy with guns to protect yourself is vital.

When you reach your destination, there are plenty of missions to complete too. Almost everyone you meet in the game will want to talk, and many of these people will offer you objectives. Some advance the story and open up new areas, while others will simply reward you with extra cash, weapons or collectables. All of these characters feature fantastic voice acting and some impressive animations.

This can be said of the whole game too: the world is vast yet intimately detailed. Stand on top of a ridge and you can see a huge area in front of you, but it’s not just a view. Jump into your buggy and you can be exploring it in seconds. The game looks incredible, with detailed backdrops and settlements that have real character.

It’s the latest of several shooters on the Mac, but it’s one of the best by far. Sadly, Mac users miss out on the multiplayer side of things, but as a standalone package it’s still well worth the money.

Buy now?

Pros: Plays brilliantly and boasts some fantastic voice acting

Cons: The lack of multiplayer is felt and the script could be improved