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Protecting your phone

Ensure you don't get left in the lurch or open to unwanted activity if your phone is ever lost or stolen.

Your phone is a valuable piece of kit, and will more than likely have a great deal of private data stored on it, therefore protecting it against loss or theft is of great importance.

While insurance can go some way to throwing a ring of protection around you, there are many built-in features and apps that can give you solid localised support. One of the first things you need to do is ensure your phone doesn’t fall prey to viruses. Unfortunately, this sort of thing can happen – anybody remember the DroidDream Trojan? To protect against this, download and install an anti-virus package such as AVG or Lookout to protect your phone against any nasties.

Aside from rogue viruses, you also have to protect against fellow humans. All Android phones allow you to set a password or pattern code, a simple-but-effective security feature which you is recommended to utilise. What makes Android brilliantly good, in terms of phone protection, is that there are are loads of apps out there aiming to protect you – Lookout also includes the ability to find a missing phone and lock it remotely – and there are built-in settings that help you to back up your data so that all is not totally lost if you ever misplace your handset.

Small things such as keeping a control over your location settings (under Location & Security) will ensure you can tell Android what to do if an app is requesting your whereabouts. It is even possible to not just lock your phone, but also to lock invidiual apps, meaning you can protect your texts and images.

By taking these simple measures, you’ll ensure yourself a more peaceful mind when it comes to looking after, and protecting, your Android device.