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Protect your critical software 101

Protect your business software investment with NCC Group's escrow and verification services


When it comes to IT security, few areas are as important as your company’s mission-critical software applications. After all, these are the core technologies that your business operates on and protecting them should be at the very top of your IT security agenda.

Never before has the threat to your business’s digital assets been more prevalent and hackers are using more innovative ways to gain access to computers. Threats like this are bad enough for personal computer users but can be catastrophic in a business environment; especially if mission-critical software is at risk.


Software escrow

First and foremost, you need to be certain that the software your business relies on so heavily is stored in a secure place. Nowadays, it’s rare that companies keep hold of physical software media and so it’s the source code that they need to safeguard.

Software escrow agreements are designed to protect a business’s mission-critical applications by mitigating the risk associated with third party developers. For example, a software developer could cease trading for any number of reasons, leaving the business in a tricky situation in terms of its source code.

By employing the services of a company who specialise in software escrow, businesses can inevitably reduce their risk. Read more about some of the key features of software escrow by NCC Group to discover how it benefits businesses.


Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery procedures should complement any software escrow agreements that may have been put in place. However, taking regular backups of mission-critical software is one thing but being able to undertake a successful recovery from them is quite another.

Therefore, businesses need to constantly review their backup procedures and test them for total peace of mind. Departments need to be fully confident in their ability to get core software back up and running in the event of a catastrophe.

Cloud backup solutions now offer a safety net that businesses can take advantage of. By having backups in more than one place, a business lowers its risk of data loss and prolonged periods of application downtime.


Secure against Knowledge loss

While software escrow agreements and sophisticated backup and recovery plans are vital components of an IT continuity policy, they do little to protect against knowledge loss. This arises when an individual within a business – usually in the IT department – is a major weak point for loss of knowledge.

The person who installed the software historically, has maintained it on an on-going basis and ultimately holds all the information about it can be a liability. For example, if they are off on annual leave, absent due to sickness or part ways with the business, a knowledge gap can occur.

It’s therefore crucially important to ensure that no one person can be a single point of failure when it comes to mission-critical software applications. Cross training should always be carried out so that several individuals have all the required knowledge to support and maintain applications.


Content provided by NCC Group.