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Promotional Article: Apple – What To Expect In The Months Ahead

Promotion: What does Apple have up its sleeve now that the iPhone 4 is over a year old?

Believe it or not, it is over a year since the iPhone 4 was released, which means that it is almost time for the next generation. As we all know, the Apple conveyor belt never stops and following the resounding success of the iPad it is safe to say that there is much more to come from the California-based world beaters, from entirely new models to iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories for the masses.

There has been no announcement of the release date for the iPhone 5 yet, but rumours have been flying around for a long time. Considering that Apple is advertising for full-time staff between the dates of 9 August and 29 October, September seems to be the most likely time for the phone to hit the shelves. They are said to be temporarily packing their stores full of iPhone specialists during this time to cope with the demand they are expecting. If the supposed 1.7 million sales of the iPhone 4 in the first three days of its release are anything to go by, then they are surely set for another stampede.

The iPad, much like almost every other Apple product ever released, has proved to be a huge success. The company released figures in June that stated 25 million of the ground-breaking tablets have been sold, and that figure is expected to continue to grow. Rumours about the iPad 3 started practically as soon as the iPad 2 was released but, again, nothing is set in stone just yet. September has been mentioned, which would suggest that about 10 million extra staff would be needed for that month, but an end of year, if not New Year, release is much more likely.

The dominant iPhone and iPad aside, Apple can also expect the next generation of the iPod Touch in the coming months. White versions of the former gizmos have already been released and, building on their successes, a similar version of the latter (currently in its 4th generation) will apparently arrive before the 5th generation. Nevertheless, the two releases are likely to come within a few months of one another, because the demand for both is huge.

It is due to be an exciting (as always) few months for Apple as it continues to get juicier and juicier in the world of technology. New releases from the industry giant are always hotly anticipated, no matter how frequent they are, so the next iPhone, iPad and iPod are set to be no different. Apple is due to hold its next event in September, at which it will no doubt put paid to the rumours the public has been talking about over the last few months by making some major announcements.