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Pokémon Go Plus Is A Wearable To Catch ‘Em All – Unfortunately, It’s Rarer Than A Charizard

The price of this Pokéball-shaped smartwatch that gives you an advantage over other players is sky-rocketing on eBay right now

Nintendo’s new gaming craze, Pokémon Go, has seemingly taken over the world and is now available in the UK as well. But what you might knot now is there’s a wearable that can give you an advantage over other players…

The £35/$35 Pokémon Go Plus can be worn as badge or on your wrist with a strap. It vibrates and flashes when there’s a wild Pokémon in your immediate area, and with the push of the button on the top, you can throw a virtual Pokéball to capture the creature rather than scrambling for your phone.

In case you’ve been living under a Geodude for the last week, Pokémon Go is a free mobile game that uses GPS to hunt monsters in your neighbourhood. It also uses your phone’s camera to display them as though they are actually in front of you.

When you and dozens of others are all on the look out for a Pikatchu in the same park, the few seconds advantage the Pokémon Go Plus offers might make all the difference!

Unfortunately, these wearables are now like gold dust (or should that be star dust?). Available to preorder since it was announced at E3 and shipping later confirmed, Nintendo has now confirmed the Pokemon Go Plus is sold – listing them on the Nintendo Store as ‘Temporarily Unavailable.’

Given that the game is now getting more daily active users than Twitter, its no surprise the value of the wearable has sky-rocketed on eBay. Wareable confirms the accessory is now selling for up to $200!

What do you think of the Pokémon Go game and what price would you pay for a Pokémon Go Plus? Let us know in the comments!