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Pocket League Story Android game review

Pixel perfect fun in the palm of your hand. Read on for our full thoughts on Pocket League Story.

Pocket League Story is another classic from the ever-growing Kairosoft brand. In this installment, you need to create a football team, and manage them through the various leagues and cup competitions you face.

The focus of the game is to correctly manage your team, invest in new players and facilities, and all while experimenting with new tactics which will help you beat your opponents. Each player you can sign requires a negotiation process, and the more established your club is, the easier it will be for you to sign certain players. When you end up looking for a new player to sign, you’ll find that each player has certain individual stats, and some will fall in to a special category. This means they’ll have one stat that is a lot higher than the rest.

To get a better reputation and a steady income you need to sign with sponsors, and start fan activities. There’s a good variety of sponsors and fan activities, and more can be discovered by upgrading your facilities. All of these activities require certain points which can be obtained by your players using the facilities at your training ground. Although this is generally good process, it can take a while and requires a lot of patience.

When it gets to match day, the system is pretty simple. You first need to pick your team and the tactic you want to use. The match is then played out in front of you. Although you can’t directly control individual players, you can choose some basic passing tactics and make substitutions.

Pocket League Story has plenty of things going on, and so much so it’s hard to talk about it all in this review. The game is a subtle mix of god-sim elements, mixed in with some solid sporting fun and although it won’t please the most die-hard football management players, it’ll certainly put a smile on their face!