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Cowon Plenue Z2 Android media player review

Does Android finally have its own iPod Touch?

The Z2 is a portable media player, offering users a place to store their favourite files, while also benefiting from its various functionalities of a smartphone device. It comes cased in plastic with a rubber back plate making it a lot easier to hold. Its small size means it can be easily held in one hand, but the sharp corners might not be too everyone’s cup of tea. On the front of the device is a 3.7” AMOLED screen, and underneath are three buttons, as you’d expect to see on most Android devices. You’ll find a HDMI port, as well as a micro SD slot and micro USB port on the bottom of the device.

The screen itself is pretty clear, and although it doesn’t have the crispness in detail as you’d expect to see on a high-end device, it does its job well enough. Icons look clear, and you only start to notice any distortion if you look closely. Moving around the device is easy enough, but the screen is a bit ‘grippy’ making it slightly uncomfortable to use.

The Plenue Z2 runs a skinned version of the Android Gingerbread OS. It includes an app drawer, and various home screens to store your app icons and widgets on. The selections of widgets on offer is great, and are completely different to what you would expect to see on any other device running Gingerbread. There’s a good selection of apps preinstalled on the Z2, with the usual Facebook and Twitter apps raring to go. You won’t find any direct link to the Play Store, however, so any further apps you want to install will have to be added to micro SD card first.

Despite it being marketed as an audio device, the Z2 actually has plenty of other functions, for a reasonable price.