PlayStation VR Available ‘April 2016’, According To VR Production Company Site

VRSE has an interesting nugget of information on it’s site…

The production company – who specialise in making cinematic VR content for the likes of Vice, the New York Times, Apple and the UN – have a list of upcoming platforms the service will be available on at the bottom of its page.

Nestled in there, amongst some other vague release dates, is PlayStation VR – the as-yet undated VR offering from Sony. The site suggests ‘April 2016’ is when they’ll launch on the service… but considering we’ve still yet to have a price confirmed and an official mention of the date, this seems highly unlikely to us.


Still, it’s the most solid mention of a release we’ve had regaring the highly anticipated peripheral yet – and the old adage holds true: some news is, indeed, better than no news.