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Hack YouTube: Play music while using other apps

The steps to sending the YouTube app to the back but keeping it playing.

One of the most frustrating things about using YouTube on your mobile is the fact that it always has to be the app in the forefront. If you want to do anything else your music grinds to a halt. This had to be rectified and now it has with this Xposed module: YouTube Background Playback. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to push YouTube to the back and use other apps without disturbing your favourite tunes.

  1. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 1_TabletGet the module 

    The YouTube app doesn’t let you play in the background. To fix this, go to:

    and download the module.

  2. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 2_TabletInstall it 

    Next, install the download. Then go to the Xposed framework app and tap the box next to the module.

  3. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 3_TabletTime for a reboot 

    When you’ve ticked the box, reboot your device to make the changes stick, then open the YouTube app.

  4. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 4_TabletSearch for a song 

    Next, search a song as you would normally. There’s no extra setup needed. If the module is working, it’s simple to test.

  5. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 5_TabletStart to play 

    Start the song playing in the app and then navigate to your homescreen. If it has worked, the song will keep playing.

  6. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 6_TabletNotifications bar 

    You’ll see the YouTube icon in the notifications bar. You can drag this down to pause or skip whatever you are listening to.

  7. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 7_TabletCheck other apps 

    Open Chrome and some other apps to make sure that the playback is working properly. Then lock your device.

  8. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 8_TabletOn the lock screen 

    You’ll see an icon on your lock screen showing the video being played and a pause button to stop it without unlocking.

  9. Customise Google Apps_Tutorial 3_Image 9_Tablet If it didn’t work 

    Check the version of YouTube you’re running. You’ll need the most up-to-date version, so ensure it’s installed.