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Photoshop Vs Aperture Vs iPhoto

Since Adobe priced Creative Suite outside of the budget of even the wealthiest of consumers we’ve been left with a few other options when it comes to photo manipulation. The company has now released Elements 6 for Mac which, while nowhere near as powerful as its big brother, does offer a number of useful tools for perfecting your images.

Of course, we all have iPhoto as standard which does a great job of organising pictures and also has the skills to clean and tweak them too. So is it worth jumping to another application just because of its relationship with the world’s most popular imaging tool?

Hold on a second… another contender has entered the ring. Still touted as a “professional app” Apple’s own Aperture is back for another outing and the price tag it demands is far from extortionate.
Now there are even more questions to deal with and decisions to make. Do you:
Insist on iPhoto – It’s free and its always done what you need and it integrates well with other iLife apps.
Entertain Elements – It’s made by Adobe, doesn’t cost much and offers a bit more than iPhoto. 
Apply Aperture – It keeps you Apple-centric, it’s a great step up from iPhoto, it’s fast. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to decide now. Wait for issue 54 of iCreate and let us help you with full reviews of Aperture 2 and Photoshop Elements 6 as well as the usual set of tutorials in iPhoto. Find out more at 

In the meantime you can also swing by and to download trials and read about the new features in both applications.