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PhotoSense Mac App Review

Improve your pictures in a single batch with this cool app

Main Image

Editing photos in iPhoto is pretty simple, but you have to edit every picture separately, which can be laborious, especially if you’re correcting a problem that has occurred across a whole batch of images.
Luckily, there is a solution. Photo Sense is one of the most simplistic apps you’re ever likely to encounter on the Mac. It will let you throw batches of pictures at it and then it will convert all of them using a predetermined number of enhancements. These can be changed for each import or each photo.

Main Image
The handy comparison screen lets you compare 'before' and 'after' shots

The aim is that these changes will improve any photo. Of course that’s a wild exaggeration, but for the most part you’ll see subtle improvements in most types of pictures – especially those taken indoors or in low light. On top of the corrections that occur when you drop pictures into the app, you get a very useful comparison screen so that you can check to see if the processing has worked in your favour. The comparison screen springs to life each time you click on one of your loaded pictures and it has a zoom slider so you can get in close and check the detail. The preview screen means that you can quickly check whole batches of photos in no time at all. The app also has integration to let you view your iPhoto library, so there is no need to create extra folders anywhere on your Mac. If you add to this the ability to add simple effects like Black and White, Sepia and even pencil drawing, you get a nicely rounded app that is capable of delivering good results at a great price.

If You Like This...
If you like to have all the pictures in your iPhoto library working their hardest and wish you could speed up the process of improving them, you ought to look at this app. It’s a great investment and will save you hours and hours, not to mention being so easy to use that it’s fun.