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Photos of the iPhone 5S reveal dual flash, larger battery

New photos of what appears to be an iPhone 5S reveal a larger battery and a dual-LED flash for the upcoming device

MacRumors has acquired new photos that supposedly show the internals and rear shell of the iPhone 5S. The images feature a number of interesting and some slightly confusing features that suggest that this may well be an early prototype of the new device rather than the finished design.

The internal shot of the supposed iPhone 5S reveals some interesting information about the new device

First off, the Logic Board features a narrow design similar to that leaked in photos earlier this week. The main chip on the board, however, is not labelled with an A number, like the current A6 in the iPhone 5, and the date code suggests that the chip itself was manufactured in October 2012. This is much earlier than would be expected for a new handset.

The battery, on the other hand, holds a newer part number than those in the iPhone 5. It also displays a capacity of 5.92 Whr compared to the iPhone 5’s 5.45 Whrs.

The biggest change to the outer casing is the longer flash module, possible suggesting dual-LED flash

On the rear of the device, the biggest change appears to be a larger, pill-shaped flash module. If this is the final casing for the iPhone 5S, rumours last month suggesting a dual-LED flash would appear to be correct. Aside from this, the regulatory identification numbers at the bottom of the rear casing are placeholders, suggesting that this is, indeed, a prototype.