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PewPew review

Are bright colours and plenty of explosions enough to make PewPew a hit? Read on to find out.

Even before you start playing the game, the first thing you notice about PewPew are the gorgeous graphics. Through each menu and game screen you’ll find the same neon colours and bright explosions that give it a truly retro look. You can enhance these visuals further by going through to the game’s settings menu.

There are 5 game modes to pick from, but most have the same fundamental goal. Pandemonium mode is where the first tutorial is based, as you control your little ship past different enemies, obtaining ship boosters when you can. This game mode, in particular, will spark the interest of fans of popular hit, Rez. Things start to change a little in the second game mode, Assault, as you must navigate through constant waves of enemies, with the simple aim of taking as many of them down as possible. This mode really illustrates the sheer beauty of the game; with every enemy you kill exploding into tiny piece of neon ‘glitter’. The more enemies you kill will lead to more explore, which in turn will then lead to a massive cacophony of colours on your screen.

The variation of game modes keeps on coming with Asteroids, an almost exact replica of the arcade hit. Chromatic Conflict is also a nice addition, and requires to solely shoot down ships that are the same colour as you. The last and final mode is Dodge This, which is a more power-up friendly of Pandemonium, and one that ultimately isn’t as original as the others.

For a free download, PewPew is a great reason why Android is establishing itself as a great source of gaming. Not only do you get breathtaking visuals, a typically electro soundtrack, but you also get one of the best gaming experiences you’ll be able to get on your phone or tablet.  A definite download if there ever was one.