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Perform the ultimate Android backup with Easy Backup

Use Easy Backup to keep a virtual log of all your files

  1. step1_1

    What to back up?

    Select the Backup option from the homepage. A menu will now appear with the various elements of your phone that you can choose to back up. Select as many or as little as you like before pressing OK.

  2. step2_1

    Backup destination

    You’ll have several options available when it comes to selecting a destination for your files. If your phone has a micro SD card, then choose that, or a cloud storage account if you prefer using them.

  3. step3_1

    Enable Settings

    If you choose to save to a cloud storage account, you’ll now need to enable the correct setting from your Google Drive account. Just follow the onscreen instructions to complete this part of the backup.

  4. step4_1

    Select a directory

    If you instead decide to back up to your SD card, you’ll need to select a directory to back up to. Make sure it’s memorable, as you’ll need the details when you restore your files after the update.

  5. step5

    Backup process

    All the files and folders you selected will now begin backing up. Depending on the quantity of files you chose to back up, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

  6. step6

    After the update

    Once the update has hit your phone, you’re going to want to head to the Restore section of the app. From here you can go to the place where the backup is saved and restore all your files and folders.