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Party on: Light it up

Add a bit of pizzazz to your shindigs with these pieces of tech



JBL Pulse 2 Speaker

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Sure, it’s great to be able to hear your tunes pumping away, but surely you’d want to see them as well? Well, you’re in luck because few speakers come as party-ready as the JBL Pulse 2. With two 40mm drivers you get serious punch in the audio department, while its in-built multi-LEDs, Bluetooth connectivity and splashproof design make it perfect for parties.
£130 | $200 |


ION Audio Party Ball


Disco balls might be a little retro, but they can transform any room with a wash of colour and light so they’re well worth adding to your party plans. With the Audio Party Ball from ION, you don’t have to set up a painful rig either, simply fit it into any ceiling light socket and the clever little device will start working from the off. There’s even an extension cable and hanging hook included, meaning you can still use it anywhere in the home.
£50 | $50 |


Philips Hue Go


Smart light bulbs have been around a while, and Philips Hue range stands as one of the most innovative. With a choice of 16 million colours (no, really, there are that many colours), you can adjust multiple bulbs from your phone at once and make every party or casual gathering feel perfectly lit. The Hue Go is a portable lamp version, so can use it indoors or out.
£80 | $80 |


DUSIEC Mini LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball


When using a disco ball isn’t possible, how about investing in the next best thing? LED RGB domes are a sure-fire hit at parties. This one from DUSIEC, offers a three-colour setup with the ability to control its rotational speed from a small control panel on the side or with handy voice commands.
£15 | $25 |


RockJam Fog Machine SuperKit


Whether you’re having a themed party, adding a little atmosphere to the wedding dance floor or simply attempting to recreate the Thriller video in your own home, a fog machine such as this one from RockJam is a must. The Super Kit comes with a multicoloured light projector, one litre of fog fluid and both wired and wireless remotes. £40 | $50 |


Fortune ST-15R Super Lighted LED Serving Tray


Parties often mean food and nibbles, but who wants to serve out much on boring old trays and plates that disappear into the background? So add an extra lit-up dimension to your party venue of choice with these 15-inch serving trays which cycle through random colours for a gastronomic rave of the senses.
£90 | $25 |


OMO+ Optical Musical Object


Here’s a party piece that nobody is likely to forget – the OMO+ (or Optimal Musical Object). For a start it floats on water (so it’s totally waterproof), and boasts a multicolour LED light show that shifts to the beat of the music. It’s powerful t00, with four speakers and two subwoofers, so your Bluetoothed tunes will get all the oomph they need.
£155 | $195 |


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