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Party on: Game time

After a few of drinks who isn't down for a game or two? We've got the best ones for your shindigs.




Singing Machine SML385BTBK


No self-respecting shindig can even consider calling itself a party without a good old singsong, so adding a karaoke machine to your party mix is a great idea. This one from Singing Machine has a top-loading function for CDs as well as the ability to stream music via Bluetooth from your device of choice. It has a built- in LED light show, jacks for two mics and much more.
£70 | $60 |


Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


Easily one of the most innovative games to come to the new frontier of virtual reality, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes has a simple concept: one player wears a PSVR headset, through which they can see an elaborate bomb that needs disarming. However, only those not wearing the headset can see the instructions (via the TV or actually printed out) to stop it going boom. Cue a scrambled lesson in communication and lots of simulated explosions!
£10 | $15 |


Beasts of Balance


Combining a regular stacking board game with a videogame, Beasts Of Balance aims to create a true cross-media experience that’s both innovative and extremely satisfying to play. The game comes with a smart base, with each piece carrying an NFC chip that’s read before it’s stacked. Said piece, be it an animal or an relic, suddenly appears on your tablet, with new pieces helping them evolve or breed with one another as you add more pieces.
£70 | $100 |


iRobot ROOMBA980


A Roomba from iRobot might have been designed to clean the floors of your home, but add in a few cups and a couple of ping pong balls and you’ve got yourself one extra fun way to play the age-old game of beer pong. All you need to do is place the Roomba on top of a table, and since its sensors will stop it from plummeting to its untimely end, it’s up to you to sink a ball in one of its now-moving targets.
£780 | $895 |


Just Dance 2017


Come on, if you’re going to a party, there’s a good chance with all that booze and free food going around that someone is going to start throwing a few shapes. So why not make a proper game out of it? The long-running Just Dance series’ latest incarnation can be used with a PlayStation Camera or with a special app that turns your smartphone into a controller! The 2017 edition comes with modern hits from the likes of One Republic and Maroon 5 alongside the likes of classics from Queen and Wham!.
£50 | $50 |

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