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Pardus 2011 Release Candidate is out now

The release candidate of Pardus 2011 titled 'Hasankeyf' is now available for download. See what's new since our review of beta 2...

While our recent review highlighted why we thought Pardus 2011 could be one of the most exciting distro releases of the year, it wasn’t without faults. Thankfully, a good number of these shortcomings have already been rectified in the release candidate. Here’s the full list of updates and ammends as found on the official release announcement
* Better hardware support with latest Linux kernel: 2.6.37-rc8

* Users that have AMD and Nvidia graphics cards are now able to make selection between open source and vendor supported proprietary drivers during and after the installation

* Hungarian and Russian language support is added

* The network configuration utility called ‘network’ is ported to the new NetworkManager backend by one of our internship students Doruk Altan. So you will be able to configure your wired and wireless networks through the terminal

* Lots of bugfixes are included in installation (YALI) and configuration (manager family) applications of Pardus

* New binary packages are included in Pardus 2011 package repository

Known issues for this release are:
* Firefox is always displayed in English independent from the system locale,

* Adding ‘nomodeset’ kernel parameter may be needed to prevent boot problems in some machines.

Installation images of the release candidate build of Pardus 2011 are available via FTP here and here, while Live images can be obtained here and here.

Why is the release candidate named after Hasankeyf? According to the official release details it’s to “draw attention to the menace to this historical village caused by Ilısu Dam.”

Pardus 2011 beta – the most exciting distro of the year?
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