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Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac edition is an all-in-one-box solution

Parallels release an all-in-one solution for people switching to Mac...

STM_boxWhat with the upgrade to the site and the excitement that ensued, we forgot to let you know about a really great product that has come our way from the good people at Parallels. Most of you will be aware that Parallels produce a cunning piece of software that lets users run Windows on a Mac – but much more cleverly than Boot Camp, where you have to log in and out of each system. With Parallels you can have both Windows and OS X running together and, with the fantastically clever Coherence mode, you needn’t let on that Windows is running at all. You can simply dip into Windows programs as and when you need them.

Taking things one step further, Parallels has now released their all-in-one solution to help users make the switch from PC to Mac. The included software and cable lets users connect their old PC to their new Mac and import the old machine onto the new one. This way, no files are lost and users can begin learning OS X without fear of forgetting anything they had on their old computer. In addition to the software and cable, Parallels are also offering some excellent video tutorials to walk people through the differences in the two systems so they can learn how to do all the basics like set up email and get online.

The Box, which is aptly called Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac, costs £74.99 and is the perfect accompaniment to a new Mac for people who are coming straight from Windows. You can find it in Apple Stores and in most Apple Resellers. If you want even more information just head here.