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OS X Tutorial: Make and share your Photo Booth snaps

Photo Booth is a very practical tool, able to make videos or take snapshots with your Mac and share them in a few simple steps

Have you ever wanted to possess your own photo booth or simply make a fun auto portrait? No need to go looking for an expensive solution, as you can do all of this and more with an ingenious little application called Photo Booth and the help of the built-in iSight camera on your Mac.
Whether you need a single photo, a 4-up snapshot or a video recording, Apple’s Photo Booth is here to help you. It allows you to take a picture or make a video and apply various effects. Then, from a number of integrated options, it lets you choose how to publish and share the result of your work. This fun application is gifted with all the capabilities offered by digital age technology.

1: Get ready
From the Applications folder, locate and launch Photo Booth. When using an external camera, make sure it is properly connected.

2: Choose photos or video
At the bottom-left corner, three icons allow you to choose between single photo, 4-up snapshots or video recording. The red camera button is your shutter.

3: Apply an effect

You can choose an effect for your photo or movie with the Effects button. If none is found to be suitable, return to the normal display with the centre effect.

4: Strike a pose
When ready, click the shutter. After a countdown, Photo Booth will take its shots or begin the video. Click the stop button to terminate the recording.

5: Check the results
Your photo or video recording will appear as a thumbnail in the bottom part of the window. Click the camera button to initiate a new picture acquisition.

6: Locate your work
Your work is saved in a Photo Booth folder in your Pictures folder. Select a thumbnail and use ‘Reveal in Finder’ from the File menu to navigate there quickly.

7: Transfer to iPhoto
To share your work on Facebook, Flickr or MobileMe, simply export it to iPhoto. Select a thumbnail, click on the iPhoto icon, and iPhoto will open. Job done!

8: Custom account picture
Select a photo thumbnail and then either click on the iChat or Account Picture icon to use it as your application custom account picture.

9: Send it away
To attach your work to an email, select the thumbnail and click on the Mail icon. Mail will open and insert your work into a new message.