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OS X Tutorial: Learn how to quickly update your Mac’s software

Make sure you stay up to date by using Software Update on your Mac - follow our super-simple guide to find out exactly how to do it

OSX Tutorial - Software Update - Sidebar
OSX Tutorial - Software Update - Main
One of the best ways to keep your Mac in good order is to regularly check for software updates.
These are extra elements that Apple sends down to improve the apps you have on your Mac and also to update OS X. With a few mouse clicks you can quickly check if there are updates out there and then action them. Apple may choose to send new features out this way and also bug fixes that will stop apps from behaving badly. The system is really robust and easy-to-use. In most cases enabling a Software Update will require restarting your Mac, but the process is automated, and with the new Resume function in Lion, you’re unlikely to experience anything other than a blank screen and the inability to work for a couple of minutes while the restart happens. Keeping your apps and operating system up to date will leave your Mac feeling fresh, and keep your apps running smoothly. At the very least you should be checking Software Update once a month.

OSX Tutorial - Software Update - Step-By-Step

OSX Tutorial - Software Update - Step 1

Step 1: Apple menu

Click on the Apple menu at the top of your screen. Then click on Software Update, and when the new window appears, click on the Show Details button to reveal the window in the next step.

OSX Tutorial - Software Update - Step 2

Step 2: Check and install

You can now check the update. It’s always good to know what you are installing. Click the Install button and then you will be told if a restart is required. If so, just click through the prompts and wait for the update.