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OS X Mavericks features Maps and new Calendar design

New Finder features, amazing multiscreen and more revealed by Apple at WWDC


OS X 10 Mavericks has been announced and shown off during Apple’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco. This brand new operating system for Macs is a mild update to the current system, but contains a number of interesting new additions to be excited about.

The first new addition was Finder Tabs, a long wished-for feature on the iCreate team. This makes Finder operate in much the same way as using a web browser. Tagging was the next, allowing you to ‘tag’ documents for easier searching in Finder.

Multiple displays will also be coming with Mavericks, something that will delight developers. Docks can be opened on both displays and full-screen doesn’t interfere with the second screen. That means two full-screen apps can be open at the same time. You can also Airplay to a second screen, like a TV.

Safari is going to be much cleaner with a refreshed Top sites page a new sidebar and shared links. It will also be using a lot less memory and less energy compared to Chrome and Firefox. Reading list will load up new articles in a constant flow without having to click to open a new webpage.

iCloud Keychain is another new feature for Mavericks, saving your website logins, credit card numbers and WiFi settings safely and securely. Safari will also suggest a random password that will be remembered in the cloud for you when you login to a new site.

Notifications are getting a big update. Messages can be replied to in the notification and apps are updated in the background.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 18.47.53

Calendar will have a brand new, flatter design with all the old leather effect taken away. It looks like a much cleaner and easier interface.

Maps is also coming to Mavericks with flyover, turn by turn directions and all info can be sent to iPhone and appear on your lock-screen. This functionality can be used by developers in their apps thanks to a new SDK.

New app nap feature optimises battery by focusing on what you’re looking at, not what’s hidden by other windows.

iBooks makes the move to Mavericks with a very clean and easy interface and cloud syncing of course of all your purchases. There’s some amazing zoom features that will look superb on a Retina display.

Preview build of Mavericks will be available today with it coming to the public this fall.

Until now, OS X has sold 28 million million copies in total across all versions.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 18.51.44