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OS X 10.9 set to include Siri and Maps integration

Early builds of Apple's next version of OS X include Maps and Siri integration, according to reports

A Siri mock up by Joe Hribar, with a Maps mock up added by us

Apple is already testing OS 10.9 internally, and according to 9to5Mac the new version of the Mac operating system will include integration with both Siri and Apple’s Maps. The information comes just a few days after sites reported that they were getting hits from machines running OS X 10.9, suggesting that there are early builds already in use at Apple HQ.

If this report is correct, the two features are the latest in a long line of  apps and functions that have made their way from iOS to OS X. It is not currently clear whether Siri would be available on all Macs – currently it is only available on newer models of the iPhone and iPad. However, Siri-like dictation is currently available on all machines capable of running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, so there’s a good chance the personal assistant will be available to everyone.

Apple also intends to include the controversial Maps software as part of its new release, according to the report. While many users have been frustrated by the app’s performance since its launch with iOS 6 last year, it seems that Apple is pushing ahead with its mapping solution. The move would allow third-party apps to include Maps data in their apps through the Mac App Store, and it may also result in an Apple-made maps application that is included with the new release.

Right now, much of this is simply speculation. However, with Mountain Lion being announced in February of this year and released in July, we may not have long to wait to find out Apple’s plans for their next version of the Mac operating system. Stay tuned to iCreate for all the details as they unfold.