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How to organise iPhoto by rating or hiding images – Tutorial

With the sheer simplicity of iPhoto you can get carried away when importing pictures and much sooner than you think, your library can be stuffed to bursting point. This is a great way to collect memories, but you may not want to see every shot you’ve taken, all of the time. On the other hand, you don’t want to delete any pictures either. Luckily iPhoto has a really simple way for you to clean up your library without having to get rid of a single picture. At the other end of this scale it would be nice to have a way to see all the very best pictures in your collection. iPhoto has a nifty way of dealing with this too, which is also so simple you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Here’s how…

1: Hover time
Hover your mouse over the bottom portion of a photo and a small arrow icon will appear as if from nowhere. Click on the arrow to reveal a contextual menu.

2: Rating is a drag
Click and drag your mouse over the dark stars to light them up. This rating is then stored in the photo’s info file so that you can view the pic by rating later on.

3: Same but different
Use the same technique to hide an image. Just click the orange Hide icon in the contextual menu. The picture will then disappear from view.

4: Give us a clue
You can check on the progress of your spring-clean here at the top of the interface. The number of hidden images will be displayed here.

5: Rinse and repeat
Use the two techniques detailed to thoroughly clean and rate an event, or your entire library if you have time. You should be left with a much tidier interface.

6: Check them out
At any time you can see the photos you have hidden by going to the View option in the top iPhoto menu and then clicking on Hidden Photos.

7: Back for a bit
The photos will reappear in your library with a marker to show that they’ve been hidden. To hide them again, just go back to the View option.

8: See the stars
Use the same View option in the iPhoto menu to see the ratings on your pictures. Once you’ve ticked the option, you’ll see the ratings appear.

9: Rate the unrated
Using this view, not only can you see the ratings you’ve given but you can easily rate more pictures using the same click-and-drag technique from step 2.

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