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Orbitsound T9 Soundbar Review

The Orbitsound T9 Soundbar is a versatile docking station that does much more than play music

Key features • Spatial stereo technology • Remote iMenu access • Video output

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Price: £199/$TBA

These days people expect their iPod docking station to do more than simply play the music stored on your iDevice. There are so many in the market that, to stand out, a unit has to be uber-specced out to be worth your hard- earned money. Unfortunately, we’re yet to find one that wakes us up with a brew in the morning, but we’re certain that it’s only a matter of time.

The adornments that make the Orbitsound T9 noteworthy come in the shape of its versatility. Not only can you use it to play from your iDevice, but it also comes with all the necessary cables to use a range of other technology through it.

For example, you can output with a phono cable to a television, meaning you can play movies stored on your device and see them on a larger screen, with all the sweet output of the T9’s three tweeters and rumbling sub-woofer unit. There is also an auxiliary input, so the vinyl-fetishists among us can spin the platters that matter and revel in how great the T9 makes it sound. However, you will need a preamp in your turntable (or an external one) for this to work. What’s more, the T9 also comes with a 3.5mm speaker cable, so you can beef up the output from your MacBook, iMac, or iPad. The remote is also great, you can control your iMenu without having to get up and change albums.

The T9’s sound is near-audiophile quality. The treble is crisp, the mids are satisfying, and the bass can either be some well-rounded bottom-end, or so fat that when it’s dropped you may require some earplugs. We tried it out with some sparse post-rock, and the clarity across the frequency spectrum was incredibly pleasing. Once we put some really polished hip-hop on (Dr Dre’s 2001 if you’re interested), the punchy bass was incredible – but not at the expense of any clarity in the rest of the music, which is often the way in lesser machines.

For the money, there are a lot of good docking stations out there, but the sheer number of units that you can use with the Orbitsound make it a contender for one of the best we’ve seen in this price bracket. It should be a serious contender if you are looking for a versatile docking station.

Buy now?

Pros: Excellent sound, and incredibly versatile – this system is very hard to fault

Cons: Removable grille can feel a bit fragile in transit