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Accessory Review – Orbitsound T12



Manufacturer: Orbitsound
Price: £249 

There are a lot of surround sound systems out there that use a single speaker and claim to re-create a five to seven speaker setup. Unfortunately we’ve never tested one that really does that. Even the Orbitsound T12, with its extremely good airSOUND technology, can’t replicate a multi speaker system. What the T12 does deliver though is a rich level of consistent sound that truly fills a space. We found that as a docking system it was well worth the money for a main stereo set up. The Soundbar, which is one of two main components in the T12, delivers brilliant mids and highs, and although it can’t replicate surround sound, the system does manage to create the illusion of space in the music – as though you are in a much bigger room or listening from a much louder speaker. The bass is handled by a separate sub woofer which fills up the gap in the sound and delivers warmth in the bass when needed, as well as the shuddering sub-bass if what you’re listening to requires it. The reason this system works well is that it can be used not only as an iPod dock, but as a competent speaker system to use as part of your TV and DVD sound system. Not only is it easier to set up then a five speaker system, but it’s obviously more compact and, in many cases, much better looking. This is a good all round system that will complement any digital living room in terms of style, and it won’t disappoint those of you who require a great sound either.

Practicality: 7.3

Design: 7.1

Value for money: 6.5

Features: 8.2

Durability: 7.8

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.5