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One Year On – Apple after Jobs

Today marks a year since the death of Steve Jobs. How has Apple, and the world, changed at the start of the post-Jobs era?

Image courtesy of Matthew Yohe

Steve Jobs died on October 5th 2011 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. The news shook not only those involved in Apple, it resonated around the entire world. Thousands of ordinary people, who had no link to Jobs aside from the fact that they had bought an iPhone or iPad, gathered at Apple Stores around the world to pay tribute to the visionary man. Our iCreate Twitter feed, which consists not only of technology accounts but people outside of the tech world, saw nothing but tributes to the great man for hours and hours after his death.

The news hit the team here especially hard, despite never knowing the man. Without him, we wouldn’t be doing what we were doing. Our jobs wouldn’t exist. We can’t imagine what those at Apple felt.

Image courtesy of Matthew Yohe

One year on, the technology world is a very different place. Apple have released new products throughout this year, and the company has gone from strength to strength. But Apple certainly isn’t the same. Press conferences don’t feel quite the same any more, product launches lack the famous Jobs spin, and the mood inside Apple is notably different.

That’s not to say the products are bad – far from it. Apple’s new releases have been huge successes, and they are still the best products on the planet, but we can’t help moments like when Steve pulled the iPhone from his pocket for the first time back in 2007. Is Tim Cook a great CEO? Undoubtedly he is, but is he as good when it comes to selling a new product? We don’t think anyone could measure up to Jobs.

Steve is missed every day. He had such an impact on the world that he could never simply slip out of our consciousness. You hear his name on the bus and on TV, you’ll see images of him across the web and hear him mentioned in speeches by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. He got Apple to the place they are in right now, and nobody is going to forget it.

Below, the team have given their thoughts on Apple’s founder, and how the world of Apple feels a year after his death. Please feel free to share your own thoughts in our comments section below.


Jon Gordon – Deputy Editor

With the loss of Steve Jobs we’ve certainly lost an icon and inspirational figure that we could draw from, but what the longer term impact is likely to be I think remains unclear. It’s certainly been suggested that Jobs’ unique commitment and vision will be hard to carry over to a new generation of Apple products and that small issues like the recent Maps debacle point to this already manifesting. I think that’s a little premature, but right now we still can’t help but wonder, what would Steve Jobs do?

Stephen Ashby – Senior Staff Writer

It’s hard to think of a more influential figure in technology than Steve; he brought Apple back from the brink of bankruptcy in 1998, and went on to make it not only one of the most financially successful companies in the world, but also one of the most well-known. Thankfully, Jobs built an amazing team at Apple for when he was gone, and while there are more hiccups now than when Steve was around, Apple is still going strong.

Freddie Harrison – Senior Staff Writer

There’s no denying that the legacy of Steve is still incredibly strong, even a year on after his passing. There’s been a lot of comparisons drawn between both him and CEO Tim Cook and, while they’re inevitable, it’s a little unfair to judge two entirely different characters against each other. Despite lacking the leadership of Steve, Apple are still going strong, and that’s what counts.

Phil Morris – Sub Editor

Apple remains in very safe hands one year on from the death of its founding father. The iPhone 5 launch proved just that, with fevered anticipation and record sales. Tim Cook may not have the charm and madness that Jobs exuded during his keynote presentations, but Apple’s success story still shows no sign of stopping. It could be a different story in five years’ time when Jobs’ long-term vision is running dry, though. Only time will tell.