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Odeon review

Find the latest movie releases with the Odeon app. Read on to hear our thoughts on the official app from one of the biggest cinema chains in the UK.

The Odeon app aims to be the ultimate resource for people looking to get information about the latest movies being shown in their chain of cinemas, as well as being able to book tickets for viewings in advance.

When you first load it up, the app tracks your current location and lists the closest Odeon cinemas to your location. As well as listing the closest cinemas to you, the Odeon app also shows the other Odeon cinemas in a 20-mile radius of your location.

Once you have located the cinema you’re interested in watching a movie at, the app will then list all the films that are currently being shown at that specific cinema. Each listing has a detailed plot synopsis as well as the cast list for the film. When we took a look at the film listings in our local area, the app also listed awards which some of the films had won recently. Before deciding to book a viewing of a film, you can read the user reviews submitted about the film, and even leave your own if you want.

The main feature of the listings page is being able to watch the trailers for the films, although when we looked some of the lesser-known films didn’t include trailers. For the most part, the trailers loaded well and the quality was really good. We did however find that some trailers had a lot of lag with them, and once or twice it force closed the app which was incredibly annoying. For some reason, some of the trailers also ran out of sync with the audio that makes the trailers unwatchable.

If you’ve read the reviews and watched the trailer, you might consider booking tickets in advance to secure your seat at a showing. You can choose which showing of the movie you want to book as well as the specific day you want to book for. When we tried to book a film, we could only book up to three days in advance, and were then directed to the website if we wanted to book further in advance. A nice feature of the booking system is being able to choose the sears you would like to reserve for the showing, and you can choose between standard or premier seats. The payment system is easy enough to do and we didn’t face any problems when entering our details.

The Odeon app also has a feature allowing you to sign up to its premier service, Odeon Premiere Club. The club allows you to get discounts off movie tickets, although there were far too many adverts littered around the app advertising it.

We really like the idea of being able to take a look at what’s on at our local Odeon cinema, as well as having the option to book tickets if we want to. The app itself does its job well enough, but it does suffer from a few problems that hinder the app from being great.