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O2’s iPhone infidelity


Everybody knew that, when the iPhone launched with its revolutionary touch screen interface, there would be pretenders to its throne pretty soon. 
LG & Samsung lead the pack at present with their respective takes on digit-driven mobiles but, as we all know, they’re still simply mobile phones with advanced control features. Apple has time on its side as other manufacturers race to better the iPhone but will surely be confounded when the much rumoured iPhone 2 makes its appearance this year. Back to the drawing board for the competitors. I worry, however, that consumers still don’t “get” the iPhone in the UK. They don’t quite know what it offers (even with the constant ads on television) and they certainly don’t appreciate paying for a phone up-front before signing a contract and thus forgoing a subsidy on the handset as is the custom here.
Sales figures have, apparently, been pretty sub-standard for the iPhone in the UK. No specifics have been provided but some very vague statements from O2 suggest they’re not as happy with the five-year iPhone deal they’ve signed up to, as they were pre-launch.In light of this I’m intrigued to see a new wave of ads in O2 store windows and on TV for the LGKF700. This is by no means an iPhone killer but, in the eyes of the consumer it could be a tempting option over here. 
Exclusive to O2 (as we remember from the iPhone ads) the LG phone offers touch screen AND a keypad, a three megapixel camera and, most importantly, web browsing with 3.5G technology. 
Still, not as good as the iPhone but to the man on the street it’s certainly an option. Depending on your contract you can get the phone free or for an up-front payment of up to £159.99 a clear £100 cheaper than the least expensive iPhone.
We’re definitely getting into mobile web technology here and the iPod is still going strong but, consumers want the best deal and what they perceive to be the best device. The core advertising its “3MP”, “Touchscreen”, :”3G” and “full web browsing” are likely enough to sway a consumer in favour of the LG device over an iPhone. 
Perhaps O2 is toning things down while we wait for the new iPhone models but it does seem like its promoting “banker” models of phone over Apple’s device, likely even further denting iPhone sales.