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NVIDIA CEO Watches Ratatouille On Apple Tablet Prototype…possibly

NVIDIA CEO in cartoon watching, tablet exposing shocker...

If you’re going to sit down for an interview with the press AND have your photo taken, you might want to hide any embargoed prototype devices you have knocking about. Words apparently not heeded by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Hwang if this picture from an interview with Shufflegazine is anything to go by. Rumour sites suggest that this may well be a prototype of Apple’s rumoured tablet, although Shufflegazine is saying otherwise (while also not saying what the device actually is). Posting on Twitter, the Apple lifestyle title based in Dubai said Well it’s not Apple’s iTablet, that’s for sure ;)”.

Not wishing to believe that this wasn’t our first glimpse at Apple’s next big thing, we locked our designer James “Shead-Ra” Shead in a room with the image and a copy of Photoshop and wouldn’t let him leave until he had cleaned up the picture on the device’s screen.
The result… it’s a scene from Ratatouille!

How many times has this Disney Pixar movie popped up in Apple promotions and even during Steve Jobs’ keynotes in the past? In fact, at his last Keynote, the Apple CEO even said “I want the latest three movies that I bought or rented, but I always want Ratatouille”

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate movie to show off the beautiful display of an Apple tablet powered by NVIDIA chips? Add to that the presence of what looks uncanilly like a home button and an iSight and we might be in business.

If we’re right, we can imagine a particularly heated conversation between Hwang and Jobs going on right now.

Screen shot 2009-11-10 at 16.21.05