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Noozy review

Noozy is an audio player that's heavily influenced by the Windows Metro UI. Read on for our full Noozy review.

Designed to enhance your music listening experience while using your Android device, Noozy is a comprehensive audio player that lets you tailor your music to how you want to listen to it. As a whole, the player is simply designed, with all the usual categories being made available on the homepage of the app. Users can search for their tracks via the songs, artists or music videos. As you begin to scroll through your tracks, one of the things you’ll notice, is how similarly styled this is to the stock Windows phone music player, and that is by no means a bad thing.

When you’re listening to your music, there’s a built in equalizer you can use to tinker with your music to suit your needs, as well presets you can enable to enhance your music further. Without any of the presets or equalizer tinkering, the sound which emits from Noozy is phenomenal, and it’s by far some of the most immersive sound we’ve ever heard.

As well as being an audio player, Noozy has a good selection of other features you’ll want to check out. There’s an internet radio and podcast feature you can use to tune in to your favourite stations, as well as a discovery section that brings you recommendations of music and artists you like based on your current track list.

Noozy is the complete package when it comes to audio players. Not only does it have a stunning design, but it also keeps things simple while not holding back on the amount of features it includes. If you use your phone to stream music on a regular bases, Noozy is a must have app.