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Ninja Blocks available for pre-order, Kickstarter orders shipping now

Kickstarter backed Ninja Blocks is a tiny, open source interconnected device that allows you to automate tasks based on its environment

Ninja Block Raspberry Pi Alternative

The guys behind Ninja Blocks have announced that the tiny open source computer is open for pre-orders, with Kickstarter backers getting their Ninja Blocks shipped out starting today. The internet connected device is billed as a building block to control other internet connected devices and services using environmental and network inputs.

Ninja Blocks can connect to five sensors to detect its surroundings; these include light, temperature (and humidity), distance, motion, and an external button. These can be used in conjunction with the Ninja Cloud to create simple programs to control other internet connected devices. Examples given include uploading photos to Dropbox when motion is detected, turning on a lava lamp when a friend connects to Xbox Live, or flashing the inbuilt LED when a photo of you is tagged on Facebook.

The Ninja Block not only runs on open software, but it itself is open hardware, with designs available under Creative Commons. It also includes a 3D printed case. Prices start at $155 AUD ($160 USD, £100 GBP) for the basic device, with external sensors costing more. You can pre-order from the Ninja Blocks website.