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Nexus 6: specs, pricing and release date

Here's everything we (think we) know about the upcoming Nexus 6

It’s this time of year where Google usually take to the stage to announce the latest Nexus device. This year will be no different, with the Nexus 6 all but confirmed. But what can you expect from Google’s new device? Check below to get all the information you need regarding the upcoming release of the Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 specifications

The one thing you’ll hear more often than not is that the Nexus 6 is simply a slightly larger version of the new Moto X. This is largely true, as the  Nexus 6 will include largely the same exterior as the Moto X, but with the innards slightly tweaked. The 5.9″ display will be QHD and offer 495ppi. Expect to see a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and an updated 13-megapixel snapper also used here. One thing we’re certain about, is that the Nexus 6 will launch with Android’s newest update; which is rumoured to be called Lollipop.

Nexus 6 pricing

Don’t expect the Nexus 6 to be cheap. If sold directly through the Google Play store, we’d expect the Nexus 6 to cost anywhere between £350 to £399. However, with the specs that we know, it could go a little higher. Keep a close eye on the Nexus 5, as that’ll soon plummet in price.

Nexus 6 release date

With the announcement of the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android Lollipop all expected for mid-October, it’s a fairly safe bet to predict that we’ll see the new line of Nexus’ be available from November 1st. Perfect timing for christmas.


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