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News Roundup – 26th Jan

Noteworthy Apple stories from the web today:

Picture 1
Noteworthy Apple stories from the web today:


This story has been poached from the Financial Times and basically says that Apple is using its incredibly strong financial results to try and push for a cheaper deal on TV shows sold through iTunes. The most interesting thing about this story is the tenacity with which Apple is able to pursue ideas like this. As probably the strongest player in the digital download market Apple really does drive  a hard bargain. They are of course arguing that the networks wont see a cut in profit as sales figures would ultimately go up. We totally agree but can see why the networks want to resist Apple when it comes to pricing their own products

The big story here covers the leaked pictures of the much rumoured tablet. The pictures have been doing the rounds on a number of sites and are well worth a look so click the link and take a gander at what could be the next big thing. Our own Head of Design, Ross Andrews, is pretty impressed and thinks that if these pictures are fake they’re some of the best he’s seen.

These guys have taken a look at Apple’s financial results and have been commenting on how analysts, despite these results, are still holding their breath to hear what happens tomorrow. Aren’t we all?

We like MacNN because they don’t just follow the trend and today they have proved that by reporting on HP’s tablet which has been seen on a teaser video. It’s always nice to look at Apple’s competition to see how much ground they may or may not be making up. We’ll let you be the judge of this come tomorrow!

Mel Martin, writing for TUAW writes and interesting piece on whether or not he’ll buy the new tablet when it arrives. This is well worth a read as it’ll probably strike a number of chords with regards your own Apple purchasing habits. It certainly did for me.