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News Roundup – 25th Jan

If, like us, you spend a lot of time bouncing between websites trying to find the latest and greatest news, you'll be pleased to hear that we've decided to make things a little easier on you...

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If, like us, you spend a lot of time bouncing between websites trying to find the latest and greatest news, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve decided to make things a little easier on you. Each day iCreate is going to provide you with an update on the best stories doing the rounds. Just click on the title to be taken to the specific story or just read our short summary.

Given that we are just days away from what could potentially be the biggest announcement since the iPhone, most of the sites are reporting on tablet related leads.

The most interesting thing on 9to5mac is unsurprisingly tablet related. They have been speaking to some publishers who have been approached by Apple with regards to thrashing out deals for content on the new device. This story rehashes a lot of what has already been said by the Wall Street journal but from other sources. The most interesting point they make is that they believe the device wont cost anywhere near $1,000 – which is the price thats being  thrown around at the moment. If this is indeed true then we could see an incredible uptake and a device which could threaten to topple the netbook market.

While this story isn’t technically tablet related it is related to the event on Wednesday. This story is claiming that AT&T will lose exclusivity on the iPhone on Wednesday. This is interesting for a number of reasons, firstly because Macrumors are running the story from  HotHardware – they never normally run with untested rumour sites and secondly because if Apple does make a point of announcing this shift at the event on Wednesday it could mean that new carriers will be able to offer dual iPhone and tablet deals, which in turn could mean that the new device is subsidised by the carriers. This could then relate to the sub $1,000 price point that 9to5mac has been reporting.

This article is quite interesting as it claims that an analytics firm called Furry has spotted 50 tablets running iPhone OS 3.2 at Apple headquarters. There has been speculation that the arrival of the tablet will see a whole new iPhone OS – version 4.0 but if Furry are to be believed this is not going to be true. What’s odd about the report is that they also claim that some iPhone’s were running a 4.0 version of the OS in and around Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. If anything, this article is aiming to prove that we will indeed see a tablet device – I think just the tag line used to invite people to the event to see “our next creation” is enough evidence that we wont just see an iPhone, iPod or Mac.

Wired has decided to pull together a number of rumours into a “what to expect” article. There’s nothing really groundbreaking in here other than the fact that Wired, as a more mainstream tech blog is also eagerly anticipating the release of the tablet.

No doubt tomorrow will see even more tablet speculation so be sure to visit again as we bring you the best bits floating around the web.