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New Star Soccer Android game review

New Star Soccer is a blend of football and RPG. Here's our full review.

New Star Soccer is an engaging little football simulator, with a host of RPG elements thrown in for good measure. From the start you’ll find two very distinct game modes to choose from; Arcade or Career Mode. The former tests your overall football skill by getting you to score as many goals with the three lives you’ve. As you learn the basics of kicking a ball, and how to judge curve and direction, the shots become trickier to complete, and Arcade Mode soon comes a quest to beat your previous high score.

The main vocal point of the game, however, has to be the Career Mode. From the very start it becomes very clear on the sheer depth of the game, as you need to choose the country you based within, and being able to choose to play in the Faroese league makes this game a total winner in our eyes. After choosing your country you then need to run a test to see you level of skill, and then hope to be signed by a club. It’s common to start in the Conference North/South and have to work your way up the leagues.

Away from the football action, another integral part of Career Mode is to manage your player’s fitness and lifestyle. You can purchase vehicles, building and even energy drinks to help balance your player’s life. It’s a great addition to the mode, and offers something different from the included football elements. Match days consist of you managing your player’s energy by choosing between different work rates, the higher the work rate the more chances he’ll get, but the faster his energy will be drained.

Despite a few graphical glitches, and the fact players seem to run like they’re stuck in tar, New Star Soccer manages to deliver an engaging football simulation game, that sprinkles a few RPG elements to make it that bit more addictive.