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New photo of the iPad 5’s rear shell leaked

Blurry photo shows what might well be the rear casing of an iPad 5

Blurrycam in full force with the latest leak

Tactus has once again unveiled a photograph of what it claims is the rear casing for the iPad 5. The image is very low-res, but it appears to match the casing seen in several photographs leaked at the end of January.

The shell is similar to that of the iPad mini, but with a larger form factor to accommodate the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen. This is the first image that shows the inside of the iPad 5 in full. A thinner design is in line with several other leaks over the last few weeks and months, which have suggested the next iPad will use thinner bezels like the mini, along with the same curved-edge design.

Just like with its budget iPhone casing leak from last week, Tactus has gone on to suggest several specs for the next iPad. Again, it seems unlikely that a case manufacturer has knowledge of the internals of Apple hardware, so we post what Tactus said below just for reference:

“We believe the new iPad 5 might contain the rumoured A7X chip and will retain its 9.7 inch screen size, just with much thinner bezels…

“Great news for you Tacties who still thought the current iPads were too thick, as the predictions may be coming true: Apple are finally supposed to be using IGZO displays with their retina resolution screen, which means a thinner iPad is definitely on the cards… I’m inclined to think the iPad 5 will shape up to be just 7.2mm thick.

“Other features include an 8MP rear facing camera, perfect for all your Apps and snaps, and you’ll be able to choose from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.”

Here are the previously leaked images of the iPad 5’s shell from a few months ago. They are of a much higher resolution, show the iPad 5 shell next to an iPad mini, and show off the thinner design of the case:

The iPad 5 casing is here shown next to an iPad mini for reference
The casing is almost as thin as the iPad mini if this image is to be believed