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New low-cost electronics kit for Raspberry Pi launches at CamJam

Get your kid started in electronics with the CamJam EduKit, available now from The Pi Hut for £5

CamJam EduKit

CamJam EduKit contentsWant a cheap way of helping your kids do more with Raspberry Pi? This brand new electronics kit will sort you out – it contains a breadboard, three coloured LEDs, a button, a buzzer and a whole bunch of cables and resistors for you to play with, it comes with a stack of worksheets to kick-start new learners and it only costs a fiver.

The CamJam EduKit was developed in partnership by Cambridge Raspberry Jam and The Pi Hut, and launched at CamJam this month. Designed to get kids interested in the fascinating world of electronics and programming, CamJam EduKit will soon have them building their own electronic circuits, flashing LEDs, reading button presses and making beeping noises by programming their Raspberry Pi with Python.

Priced at just £5, the kit comes with everything you need to have fun with basic electronics projects, including a tin to keep it all in. If it is successful, there will be more CamJam EduKits, the first of which will use sensors to detect temperature, light levels and movement. Profits from the kits will be donated to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam to continue both its educational and community work.

You can find out more about the CamJam EduKit over on the Cambridge Raspberry Jam site.

And if we’ve already convinced you, you can order a kit over at The Pi Hut.

CamJam EduKitThe Pi Hut