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Never Lose Your Luggage Again With The Bluesmart Suitcase

The humble suitcase hasn’t changed much since someone had the bright idea of sticking wheels to the bottom of it. Bluesmart thinks your luggage should do a lot more than that. It’s created what it calls ‘The World’s First Smart Suitcase,’ which can weigh itself, lock itself, charge your phone, track your travel itinerary, and best of all, allows you to find it when it goes missing.

As its name suggests, Bluesmart has a Bluetooth sensor so it pairs with a free app for iPhone or Android smartphone. This allows it to send you alerts when its built-in proximity sensors register that you are more than a metre away, suggesting you’ve left it tucked under a table in the airport café or, worse, someone has pinched it.

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However, this isn’t just another example of someone slapping a sensor on an everyday item and calling it ‘smart’. The Bluesmart also has its own GPS chip and a 3G SIM card, so you can pinpoint its exact location when its out of range of Bluetooth. In fact you can track it in over 100 countries, ideal if your airline should accidentally put it on the wrong fight. Before you huff about having to take out a phone contract for your suitcase, this service is provided free of charge by Bluesmart, in partnership with telecoms giant Telefonica. Further justifying its price tag, when your Bluesmart case eventually reaches its correct destination, an Uber driver will collect your case and deliver it to your hotel room – again, for free.

If we were picking faults, we’d say as the Bluesmart is carry-on case size, it’s less likely we would check it into the hold and run the risk of losing it anyway. But as a proof of concept, the Bluesmart makes its point.

Do airlines accept the Bluesmart?

More than just a bag for carrying your swimsuit when you go on holiday, you’d be right to question whether security- conscious airports and airlines accept the high-tech Bluesmart. Its proportions meet most airline restrictions for carry-on luggage size, and it has a TSA-approved lock so authorities can get inside without tearing it open. Despite having a 3G connection, the manufacturer says you don’t even have to turn off the case when in the air, but in places where rules are stricter, you can easily switch the case to airplane mode using the app.

How to keep track of your case

1. Distance alerts

Proximity sensors detect when you’re over 1m from your case and send alerts to your phone. You can also locate your Bluesmart with a heat map and get a reminder of its last location.

2. Automatic locking

If you’re worried that you may have left your mislaid bag unlocked, you can remotely lock it from your phone or set the suitcase to lock itself when it detects you’re separated.

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3. Global tracking

As well as having a GPS sensor, Bluesmart has a built-in SIM with 3G connectivity so you can always find your case, no matter which country your airline may have accidentally been sent it.

4. Uber delivery

Rather than waste hours at the airport waiting for your delayed bag to arrive, an Uber driver will collect your Bluesmart case for you and deliver it your hotel for free.

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