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Netatmo’s New CCTV Camera Is Seriously Smart

There’s an increasing amount of smart home tech on the market now, particularly when it comes to home security, and the Netatmo Presence was one of the new devices in this category shown off at the CES exhibition at the start of the year. 


Its main party trick is an advanced detection algorithm that can tell the difference between cars, people and pets. This gives it the edge over its competitors, which can only detect motion without being able to tell you what’s caused it – if you want a camera that cuts down on the false alarms from passing cars or the family dog, then it sounds like this will be worth a look.

The Presence includes an infrared light for monitoring movement in low-light conditions, and there’s also a floodlight mode that can be used to scare off potential burglars. The camera itself records footage to a memory card with the option to upload it to an FTP server, too. As with other similar devices, it’s possible to get alerts on your smartphone if something untoward is spotted, and you can even set up particular zones of interest inside the camera’s field of view.

Pay once, up front

Some security cams, like Canary and Nest Cam, only offer a limited amount of video storage space in the cloud – you have to sign up for a subscription to get full use from the device. With Presence, the footage is stored locally on a memory card or on a personal FTP server, so you don’t have to keep on paying after you’ve splashed out on the camera. Your video can be viewed via any web browser too.