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n7player for Android review (Update: 27/9)

Bring ease and simplicity to your music collection. Here's our full review of the n7player.

n7player is an innovative music player specifically built for Android devices. When you first open the app you’ll notice a lengthy syncing process to allow the music player to recognise all of the songs and albums are stored on your device. From this point onwards, n7player comes in to a league of its own.

Music is searchable by the many standard ways as you’d expect; with users able to find their music simply by searching for a specific song, album or artist. On the other hand, n7player offers a list of innovative and colourful ways of finding something to listen to. In one instance you can search through album art, and zoom in on specific ones to take a closer look. On another you’re shown a panel of variously sized tiles representing different artists, with the bigger panels symbolising the higher amount of listens they’ve had.

Each album can be played in full, and each track is listed with their timings and other basic info. If listening to a whole album isn’t your thing, then you can customise which particular tracks you want to listen to, and in what specific order. The app will also recommend similar tracks as you listen.

n7player sports a simple control system, making it remarkably easy to play, stop and switch between various tracks. The standard play and pause buttons are there, as well as the skip track options. Either side of these controls are shortcuts to your music collection and playlists, with the latter requiring you to create a playlist first.

The built in equalizer is what really makes n7player stand out from the rest. As well as normal volume controls, the equalizer lets you fiddle with various bass and reverb settings. All of these can be tailored to your preferred taste in music, but it may be a little confusing for some people not familiar with the jargon.